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Album 2

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Listed below are tributes to some of those who gave their all in Vietnam together with  photographs and some
short stories of those AATTV members who did their time in Vietnam.  Should you wish to pay a tribute to a fallen comrade of AATTV or just to submit a photograph of a Team member to be included on this page, then please forward to : Rick Ryan, PO Box 1057, Mandurah 6210 Western Australia, AUSTRALIA. Photographs will be returned once copied.  If you wish to email photos, the email to:

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WO2 J.A. (Alex) McRae AATTV 1964-65
AATTV 1968-69
WO2  B.R. (Ben) Rule
AATTV 1968-69

Capt R. (Rex) Clark
AATTV 1963-64

WO2 J.D. 'Jock' ROY. 
AATTV 1964/66 
AATTV 1969/70

AATTV 1968/69


Cpl J.J. (Joe) Kolaric
AATTV 1970-71


WO2 J.P. Hudson
AATTV 1971-72

WO2 J.R. (Jock) Stewart
AATTV 1964-65, 

Capt D.J.F. Rowe,MID
AATTV 1969 - 70


WO2 C.B. Judd
AATTV 1964-65
WO2 H. Patch
AATTV 1964-65

WO2 C. Kealy
AATTV  1964-65, 1969-70
WO2 A.J.A. Joyce
AATTV 1969-70
WO2 W.D. Frost
AATTV 1968-69

WO2 L.B.G. 'Abe' Green
AATTV 1969-70

WO2 D.W. 'David' Eather AATTV 1969-70

WO2 B.J. Carbone
AATTV 1972
WOJ.E. Nolan
AATTV 1972

WO2 E.W. Snelling
AATTV 1968 - 69

WO2 M.R. Bolitho, MID
AATTV 1968 - 69

Capt M. Wells
AATTV 1966 - 67


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