WO2 C.B. 'Doc' Judd RA Sigs
AATTV 1964 - 65
WO2 H. Patch RA Inf
AATTV 1964 - 65
               1968 - 69
                                                  Photo courtesy Doc Judd

                                                After a walk in the woods around Aro. Those in photo are Sgt Johnson,USSF
                                     Int Sgt, WO2 Harry Patch,and WO2 C.B. 'Doc' Judd.

                                                     Photo courtesy of Doc Judd
                                                    PublicRelations snap taken of WO2 Doc Judd, USMC
                                                     Gunnery Sgt and the sentry in front of Dong Da Training,
                                                     Phu Bai, I Corps Centre around Xmas 1964, prior to being
                                                    posted to Special Forces Unit.

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