WO2 J.R. Stewart, MID
AATTV 1964 - 65
5 RAR          1966
AATTV 1968 - 69

                                        Pic by Bob Conley MSF via Dale Abbhul

                                        WO2 J.R. 'Jock' Stewart, B - 20 Mike Special Forces, Pleiku South Viet-Nam
                               in 1969.  I would prefer the beer over the rice wine.

Jock Stewart was awarded a Mentioned in Despatches in 1965 while serving with AATTV.  Citation reads as follows:

Warrant Officer Stewart and Warrant Officer Harris were posted as Advisers with the Australian Army Training Team in South Vietnam in April and July 1964 respectively.
On 1 March 1965, these Warrant Officers were accompanying the 3rd Battalion of the Third Regiment of the Army of The Republic of Vietnam, in their capacity as advisers, on an operation to flush an estimated Viet Cong platoon from the village of Vien Trinh. On the approach to the village they were in position close to the Vietnamese Company Commander behind the leading platoon.  When this platoon reached a rice paddy dyke approximately 50 metres from a bamboo hedge surrounding the village it received heavy automatic and semi-automatic fire which wounded four Vietnamese soldiers and brought the company command group under fire thereby preventing the Company Commander from effectively directing his troops. Warrant Officers Stewart and Harris then purposely exposed themselves in order to draw the fire away from the command group.
Warrant Officer Stewart has just silenced one of the automatic weapons with his carbine when the command group came under fire by a 60 millimetre mortar. Warrant Officer Harris located the position of the mortar and, under covering fire from Warrant Officer Stewart, killed the crew.
The aggressive and courageous actions by these Warrant officers inspired the Vietnamese into making a successful assault on the enemy position driving the Viet Cong from the village.
Throughout the action Warrant Officer Stewart and Warrant Officer Harris assisted the Vietnamese Commander
in the control and disposition of his troops whilst displaying a high degree of coolness and courage under fire.  Their action reflected great credit on themselves as professional soldiers.

Footnote:  Both WO2 Jock Stewart and WO2 George Harris have since passed onto a higher authority.

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