WO2 J.P.  Hudson RA Inf
AATTV 1971 - 72

Photo courtesy of Nigel Johns

Looking for Photos of WO2 J.P. Hudson AATTV 71/72

Team members,
Any photos you have of Bluey Hudson, then please forward to Nigel Johns on email: nigeljohns@optusnet.com.au

Dear Sir,

My father-in-law, John Phillip 'Blue' Hudson served with the Team in 1971 to 72 or thereabouts. He was also in Vietnam with C coy 1 RAR in 1965. Sadly he passed away 2 years ago. He had many photos of his time in Vietnam that "disappeared". In the year before his death he toured Australia and died during this tour in Mildura. Before leaving he placed most of his possessions in storage and this is when we believe the photos  were stolen. I would like to ask any members of the team that may have photos of Blue Hudson for copies. Scanned photos are acceptable to us because I have access to a high quality printer. Thanking the Team members in advance. It would greatly please my wife to have photos of her father of whom she is very proud.

I have attached a photo of Blue that we managed to locate. Bluey22 is a photo taken on his return from Vietnam in 1972.

Nigel Johns

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