Capt D.J.F. Rowe, MID
5RAR - 1966 - 67
AATTV 1969 - 70

                                      Pic by Bob Conley II Corps MSF via Dale Abbuhl

                                      Captain D.J.F. Rowe, MID with WO2 S.J. McLaughlin and Australina Chief of Staff
                              in December 1969.  Capt Rowe was awarded an Mentioned In Despatches (MID)
                              for his service in AATTV.

Citation of award, reads as follows:

Captain Rowe was commissioned in June 1964. He served with the Royal Australian Regiment in Vietnam and in various training appointments before joining the Australian Army Training Team in Vietnam in May 1969.
Captain Rowe served for six months as Company Commander of the 223rd Mobile Strike Force Company which consisted of Montagnard soldiers and Australian and American subordinate Commanders. During this period Captain Rowe's Company was involved in very heavy fighting against North Vietnamese forces in the Ben-Het area in Kontum Province and at Bu Prang in Quang-Duc. During this whole period Captain Rowe led his company with outstanding ability, encouraging his indigenous soldiers under fire, directing and coordinating air and artillery support, and maneuvering his company against the enemy. His calm and decisive leadership and his poise and sound judgment won the respect and admiration of both his superiors and subordinates. Captain Rowe's outstanding leadership continued until he was wounded in action and evacuated.
Capt Rowe was employed as Adjutant of the Australian Army Training Team during the last six months of his tour of duty. This appointment is a difficult and demanding one with a heavy work load. With the Commanding Officer away from the headquarters most of the time, Captain Rowe, as the only other officer on the headquarters, was required to assume greater responsibilities than normally expected of a Captain. He carried out these duties in a tenacious and thoroughly professional manner, working extremely long hours, thus improving both the training and administrative standards of the unit.
Captain Rowe's professional ability and his untiring efforts to improve the effectiveness of both his command and his unit reflect great credit on himself, the Australian Army Training Team and the Australian Army.

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