Have you ever watched the 'choppers' in the morn's early light,
and the soldiers, embarking, getting ready for the fight?
Have you ever watched these 'choppers' coming in to land,
searching out the ground below, for enemy at hand?
Have you ever watched these soldiers, jumping to the ground,
running here and there, searching for the cover to miss a fatal round?
And have you watched these soldiers going forward at a run,
just as we  played  as children, when we had a wooden gun?
Have you heard the shells and rounds go whistling overhead,
to look around and see the soldier next to you is dead?
Have you ever seen the napalm come tumbling from the sky,
and watch helplessly young soldiers, just shrivel up and die?
Have you ever watched the laughter on the children's face,
turn to terror, unable to lend comfort, to help with an embrace?
Have you seen the aftermath of  battles that you've had,
and stopped to wonder whether, were we at the time, sane or mad?
Then have to see bodies of the enemy lay dead,
laid out in lines for days to show the population and  to create,
an awesome dread?
I've seen these things and so much more ---
I tell you now,


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