Almighty God, we pray for your blessing upon us who

were brought together in the service of our country.

We thank you for the friendship, courage and devotion

of the members of our Australian Army Training Team

of Vietnam who gave their lives in this service.

We ask you to comfort and strengthen their families

and friends. We pray that their labour and sacrifices

may not be in vain, but their spirits may live on in

us and in the generations of Servicemen to come, and

that the liberty, truth and justice for which they died

may spread throughout the world.


The 'Team Prayer" was composed by the late "Padre Bill" Rev. Fr. W.J. Collins who was the Queensland Branch Chaplain for many years.

The occasion was the Dedication of the AATTV Memorial Stone near the main entrance to the camp at Canungra. At the time Bill was still serving in the army, and was the Anglican Chaplain (Major) at Canungra.

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