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US Special Operations Memorial: Therewere members of AATTV who served with US Special Forces in Viet Nam. Onthis memorial at MacDill AFB are names of those who were recipients ofthe US Medal of Honor as well as the names of AATTV - Victoria Cross winners, namely Wheatley, Simpson and Payne who served with Special Forces. For those members of AATTV who served with USSF, their names etc can beadded to the memorial, by completing the form at the site and paying theamounts indicated. CLICKHERE

US Special Forces:  Forany AATTV members who served with the US Special Forces in Vietnam, there is a page at http://www.greenberet.net/books/Registration.htm where Steve Sherman USSF is compiling info on SF members and may be ableto assist in tracing some of them.  This message kindly supplied byDavid Savage - AATTV 68 - 69.

AATTV Members who Served with USSF:  Steve Sherman in the US  is compiling a database of AATTV memberswho served with USSF.  Steve Sherman's Internet address with the database is http://www.greenberet.net/books/aattv.htm which is a listing of all personnel assigned to AATTV who served with elements of US Army Special Forces in Vietnam. Most dates are guestimates only. If you were assigned to AATTV and worked with SF, please visit thesite. Any errors or addition of any names and details can be sent by e-mail to: sherman1@flash.net or by phone at (713) 683-9076.

AATTV  Members who Served with B-50OMEGA:Steve Shermanis currently working on a CD-ROM which includes AATTV personnel who servedwith B-50 OMEGA. Steve is looking for pictures etc and has a list of AATTVmembers he would like to get in contact with, namely Trevor E Gilliver,Bryan Jackson, Maurice J James, W.A. LaGalle, Edward A. Nicholas, FrankE. Palmer and Wilfred C.P. Smith. If you have any information that canbe of assistance, then contact Steve at:  sherman1@flash.net

US Special Forces Links:  Ifyou are interested in knowing a little about the US Special Forces, then visit USArmy Special Forces - The Green Berets which will give you some additional knowledge on badges, patches, history etc. or visit the SpecialForces Association Home Page which hasa section for locating Special Forces personnel.  Another huge site is the SpecialForces Team House which will keep youmore than occupied with locator, Medal of Honor winners, history and so much more. Please visit these great sitesafter you have finished viewing this site.

Entry Date: 4th January 2012

Looking for photographs of WO2 G.T.  Smith AATTV

G'day all,

I have sent out an email on the National Emailing List on the below.  If you have any photographs of WO2 George T, Smith who served in AATTV from Jul 1968 to Jan 69 as a platoon commander, 212 & 211 companies, 5th SFGA, 2 MSF Pleiku and then from Feb to Jun 69 with Ranger Training Centre, Jungle-Mountain Swanp Course at Duc My, then please contact Sharon Bennett on email: sharon.bennett@bigpond.com or email: sharon.farrow@customs.gov.au .  Other contact details are shown in the email from Sharon below.  Geoff Smith was involved in the Battle of Duc Lap during his tour of duty with The Team.

From: FARROW Sharon [mailto:sharon.farrow@customs.gov.au]
Sent: Sunday, 1 January 2012 5:48 AM
To: advisor@echidna.id.au
Subject: Photos if available [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

RE:  looking for photos of George Thomas Smith Service No. 61242

I noticed you have a "lost and found" section on your website and thought I'd write to you out of interest.
I was wondering if you could put the call out for anyone who may have photos of my Great Uncle "George Thomas Smith - 61242" otherwise known as "Geoff", or "very good looking" in his words!  My mother Brenda Farrow (nee Smith) is very proud of her uncle, as am I and would love to put an album together.
Me living in Queensland and Joan, his beloved wife, living in Tasmania I donít want to be a bother to her to dig out old photos, or upset her in anyway however I would love to get copies of any photos that his fellow team members may have that could be sent/emailed to me!  I will share them with Aunty Joan as well in case they are photos that she doesnít have copies of in their albums.
I am available on 0420949030 or I can be emailed at:  sharon.bennett77@bigpond.com
Thank you so much
Sharon Farrow

Entry Date: 17th May 2002

Looking for Photos of WO2 J.P. Hudson AATTV 71/72

Team members,
Any photos you have of Bluey Hudson, then please forward to Nigel Johns on email: nigeljohns@optusnet.com.au

Dear Sir,

My father-in-law, John Phillip 'Blue' Hudson served with the Team in 1971 to 72 or thereabouts. He was also in Vietnam with C coy 1 RAR in 1965. Sadly he passed away 2 years ago. He had many photos of his time in Vietnam that "disappeared". In the year before his death he toured Australia and died during this tour in Mildura. Before leaving he placed most of his possessions in storage and this is when we believe the photos  were stolen. I would like to ask any members of the team that may have photos of Blue Hudson for copies. Scanned photos are acceptable to us because I have access to a high quality printer. Thanking the Team members in advance. It would greatly please my wife to have photos of her father of whom she is very proud.

I have attached a photo of Blue that we managed to locate. Bluey22 is a photo taken on his return from Vietnam in 1972.

Nigel Johns

Entry Date: 4th May 2002

Son -Looking for Photograph of Team Member

Can we help this son of a Team member. Terry Folbigg is looking for photos of his late father. Terry has contact details listed below or you can email him on:TerryFolbigg@defence.gov.au

Hello Sir, my name is Trooper Terry Folbigg posted to the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Darwin. I'am  currently in the process of researching my fathers military history, in particular photos. He served with the AATTV from 1964-1965. His name was WO2 Athol Raymond Folbigg, his dates in country were 23-9-64 to 9-8-65. I believe he was attached to an American unit being (A-106). I was recently at the house of Mr Dennis Manski who was good enough to help me in my research. Unfortunately the material he had  ie; (The Team in Pictures) and a couple of other books were unhelpful. He said that by writing to you, you may by able to help me in my research. Due to the fact that most of the early team members are getting on in years (not having internet access) Mr Manski suggested that I  put an advert in your magizine in the hope that someone somewhere may have a photo of him in Vietnam. I have put an advert in Rick Ryan's web site a few  months ago, but until now I have had no reply. So I am writing to you in the hope that you could put an advert in the magazine looking for photos of him. My address is
DARWIN ,N.T 0820.
My phone number is (w) 08 89356128 (h) 08 89471920
my e-mail address is TerryFolbigg@defence.gov.au.

Captain David F. Paul 1RAR 65/66, AATTV 69/70:I have a USSF member who served with Captain David Paul (AATTV 69-70), at Pleiku SVN.  David Paul also served a 2IC A Coy !RAR 65/66 so if any 1RAR  members know of his whereabouts, please advise. This USSF member spent time with David's family when he visited Sydney for R & R in 1970.  USSF member is Charlie 'Attila' Childers who can be contacted on email:  C3isme@aol.com

Members:  John Liner, Mike Force Det A-245 Dak Seang is writing a book and needs some Team members input.  Ifyou can help contact John on email: jliner@harris.com

  DearSir, I am a former member of Detachment A-245, Dak Seang. I was at Dak Seang for the April 1970 siege. I am currently writing a book on the battle, and trying to re-create it  as best as I can (given my somewhat fuzzy, thirty year old memory). The Mike Force played a very  large rolein support of the camp during the siege. As I recall, there were Aussiesthat participated. I  believe they were members of the 1st Bn MSF.In fact, I spoke with one briefly, one day, as the  battalion passedby the camp and headed across the airfield and to the north. He was droppingoff  some Yard WIA and we spoke for a few minutes. I heard later thatone of the Australian Warrants  was KIA sometime during the battle.Anyway, I am trying to collect stories, anecdotes and info on  theMike Force participation in the siege. I am especially interested in thestories of the AATTV. I
 realize some of this maybe a little traumatic to recall (it is for me); however, I would greatly  appreciate hearing from anyone that participated in the battle of Dak Seang. I know it is thirty years  late, but please accept my grateful thanks for what you guys did for us. I would not be here now,  typing this, were it not for you. Thank you. John W. Liner, CW3, US Army, (retired).  jliner@harris.com or jwliner@aol.com or johnliner@yahoo.com

AATTV Personnel who served at BEN HET, SVN - April to June 1969: GeorgeBlakey USSF is trying to locate AATTV members who were at Ben Het from April through to June 1969. George is after information from these members to assistin a project on which he is working.  A package will be sent to members which will include map sheets, After Action reports from the operationsetc.  You can  contact George on email: moedidim@icsildo.com

Ray Dummett, MM - Where are you? DougFussell, 2RAR Pl Comd is trying to contact Ray Dummett who also served with AATTV 67/68. Information can be passed direct to Bob Buick, MM onemail: scylla@caloundra.net  A information copy to Rick Ryan of this site would also be appreciated as Ray is not to be found on our list of contacts. This message appliedon 4 Dec 1999.

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