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Australian Vietnam Veteran Web Sites

Listed below are some Australian sites that you should find interesting.   Please visit,  after you have completed viewing this site.

Gia Vuc, Quang Ngai Province, RVN: Gia Vuc was a A-camp situated in the south end of the I CORPS in South Vietnam. The website is run with the help of its veterans and its mission is to  pay tribute to its team members as well as to record its history.
Like many USSF A-camps in the I CORPS, a few Australians advisors soldiers served there with the USSF. CLICK HERE

The Casualty List: Bob Coker now of Western Australia has put together a comprehensive list of Australian casualties in South Vietnam. Many years of research have gone into compiling the List. Any questions regarding the list and its content can be directed to email:
For entry to the site:  CLICK HERE

OCS Portsea Site:Site designed in 2003 has information on history, memorabilia, forum etc for those staff and students of OCS Portsea.  Information is being compiled and any assistance with content may be passed on through the site. CLICK HERE

The Boozer: From fair dinkum war stories to the humour of the boozer, you will find a mixed bag at Pedro's site.  Crack a tinnie and relax. CLICK HERE

Sunraysia Vietnam Veterans: Ern Marshall's site would have to contain a wealth of information on Australian units which served in Vietnam.  He also has included links to just about any web site that relates to Vietnam Veterans.   CLICK HERE

Battle of Long Tan - Bob Buick: Bob Buick has a wealth of information on the Battle of Long Tan on Ern Marshall's site but also has his own home page on the battle. Make sure you  visit this one.  CLICK HERE

"A Grunts View" - Tony Blake: Tony Blake served in South Vietnam with 7RAR. A National Serviceman who served his country well describes his service in South Vietnam and afterwards.This is a honest account of a digger who did himself proud, yet has had to fight the bureaucracy all the way to get rightful recognition of his disabilities suffered as a result of the Vietnam war. CLICK  HERE

5RAR:    The 'Tiger' Battalion. Ted Harrison's and Brian London's site of  5RAR exploits in South Vietnam during 1966 - 1967 and 1969 - 1970. Very informative and well presented site.    CLICK HERE

6RAR:    6RAR web page was originally set up by Richard Creagh and now after many years has had a facelift. Gives the history of the Bn which was formed in 1965 and involved in the Battle of Long Tan in 1966. Great site. CLICK HERE

7RAR:    Porky's Pigs or PorkySeven. Great site on 7RAR put together by Kev Gillett of 25 years Infantry.  Details on 7RAR both tours of duty with information of all who served, their time in Vietnam and much,  much more. Well worth a visit.  CLICK HERE

5/7RAR:  Both 5RAR and 7RAR served in South Vietnam.  In 1973 both battalions linked to become 5th 7th Battalion Mechanised Infantry RAR.  This web site relates to the 30 years of service to our nation since its formation. CLICK HERE

8RAR: Barry (Baz) Magor's page on 8RAR Malaysia 1967 - 1969 and Vietnam 1969-1970.  Thanks for your help Baz.   CLICK HERE

9RAR: Lionel Corrie has his web site on 9RAR Association Qld and features items on 9RAR from 1967 to 1973.  Drop in and say hello.  CLICK HERE

NASHOSWA: Formed to help bring National Servicemen together, irrespective of whether or not they served in Operational areas. Site features Message Board, News Item, Links and other items of interest.  CLICK HERE

Cherry Tree Walk - Vietnam War Memorial Bowral NSW: Information on the Vietnam War Memorial and Cherry Tree Walk located in Bowral NSW.  CLICK HERE

Diggers Web Page:This is an unofficial site for diggers and ex-diggers. The site commenced in January2000 and is in the process of  being established.  It also provides links to other Australian/NZ  military sites. CLICK HERE

Department of Veterans Affairs: A great site that gives you up to date information of what is happening within the Department.  Includes topics such as Pensions, Statement of Principles, GARP 5 etc.  If you are in the process of having your pension reviewed or applying for a disability pension, then this is the place to go.   CLICK HERE

  Armed Services Assistance Centre (ASAC)Australia:   Providing free assistance with welfare, pensions, compensation and entitlements to Veterans, serving and ex-members of the Defence Force and their families. This site has a wealth of information on pensions, medal entitlements and many other topics of interist to veterans.   CLICK HERE

Korean War Remembered

Korean War - Australian Album: Little has been shown on web sites of Australian Korean War veterans.  As some members of AATTV were also Korean veterans, I have included this section.  Ron Cashman - 3 RAR has this site to which you can send photos etc for publication on that site.  CLICK HERE

United States - VietnamVeteran Sites

Listed below are some United States of America sites that you should find interesting.   Please visit,  after you have completed viewing this site.

Mike Force Association: Released July 2000 is the Mike Force Association.  For those Team members who served with Mike Force in Viet Nam, this site will interest you. Membership is free for those Team members who served with Mike Force. Close ties are still maintained with our US allies, so Team members drop in and leave a message.  CLICK HERE

Mike Force Association on Facebook:G'Day to our Aussie brothers We want you to join us and post and comment on the new Facebook Mike Force Association page  E.L.Woody, MFA for Lt Col LH "Bucky" Burruss

YouTube Footage USSF:  Roger Hawkins USA kindly forward a link to some footage he took in RVN of WO2 George Francis AATTV (now deceased) on operation with USSF.  Link is:

US Special Operations Memorial: There were members of AATTV who served with US Special Forces in Viet Nam. On this memorial at MacDill AFB are names of those who were recipients of the US Medal of Honor as well as the names of AATTV - Victoria Cross winners, namely Wheatley, Simpson and Payne who served with Special Forces. For those members of AATTV who served with USSF, their names etc can be added to the memorial, by completing the form at the site and paying the amounts indicated.   CLICK HERE

US Special Forces Links:     If you are interested in knowing a little about the US Special Forces, then visit the Special Forces Association Home Page which has a section for locating Special Forces personnel.  Another huge site is the Special ForcesTeam House which will keep you more than occupied with locator, Medal of Honor winners, history and so much more.

"Wannabee's": This site has been of a great interest especially since AATTV has become infiltrated with a few cases of "Wannabee's".  Most have been caught and exposed. If you know of a 'Wannabee', then fill in a report as shown on the site connected to this link.  CLICK ON BANNER

'B' Troop 2/17th Air Cavalry "Banshee": Another Air Cav unit that served closely with Australian Advisers. WOIIJ.T.(John) Barnes came to the rescue of the downed pilots and crew of a chopper from this Air Cav unit and now after 30 years friendships between the parties involved have been renewed. A great site well worth a look.  CLICK HERE

7/17th Air Cavalry - "Ruthless Riders": I have included this site in recognition of the US Air Cav who worked with AATTV Advisers in air support and in particular to Dan Townsend who evacuated the body of Capt A. (Tony) Danilenko from the battlefield at Dak To in 1968.  CLICK HERE

282nd Aslt Hel Co. - Black Cats:The 282nd initially flew missions in I & II Corps in support of MACV, SF, LRRP, Ranger and Hac Bao units.  This included elements of the USMC, USAF, USN, ARVN and the Aussies.  This mission required that personnel be garrisoned as far north as Hue Citadel, as far south as Dong Ba Thin, and as far west as Ban Me Thuot and Kontum. Some Team members will have fond memories of this AHC. CLICK HERE

407th Radio Research Detachment-Quang Tri: John Osmundsen, Commanding Officer of 407th Radio Research Detachment RVN 68-72 is inviting contactfromTeam members who were at FSB Sarge, FSB Fuller etc. They have a chatline at:   or you can contact John  direct on  email address:

The Virtual Wall, Washington DC: This really is an amazing web site.  Someone spent a lot of time and effort to create it.   The link below is a virtual wall of all those lost during the Vietnam War with the names, bio's and other information on our lost heroes.   Those who remember that time, or perhaps lost friends or family can look them up on this site.  CLICK HERE


The Special Forces Association UK: For those members of AATTV who belonged to SAS, there is a site in the UK that may be of interest to you.  The SFA UK is build a memorial to all Allied  Special Services members and details are listed on the site.  In addition, you can find many links to Special Forces sites which are more than informative.  CLICK HERE

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