General Service Medal 1962
with Clasp - South Vietnam

General Service Medal 1962
with Clasp - South Vietnam

This Clasp was awarded for service in South Vietnam from the 24th December 1962 to 28th May 1964.

Authorised by Royal Warrant on 8th June, 1968 for award to Australian troops only. Qualifying service are: 30 days service in ships employed in operations on inland waters and/or off the coast of Vietnam, one day or more on the posted strength of a unit on Land, one operational sortie, or 30 days for offical visits etc. The usual concession is made regarding termination of service from death, wounds or an award of a gallantry decoration. In total, 70 clasps were awarded.   With the exception of two clasps South Vietnam, one awarded to WO1 F.A. Nolan Aust Int and SSgt R.M. Phillips Aust Int both of  the Australian Embassy, all other medals with Clasp - South Vietnam were awarded to members of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV).  Names of Team members and rank at time of service are shown as follows:
WOI        R.A.    BANDY ** CAPT      G.F.    BOILEAU **
CAPT      J.J.    BURROWS **
WOI       G.E.    CHINN ** MAJ       L.G.    CLARK, MC **
CAPT      R.       CLARK ** LT           J.R.    CLARKE **
WOI       H.D.    CLIVELY ** MAJ       A.L.    CLUNIES-ROSS
WOII      J.        COCHRANE ** WOII      R.J.    COLLINSON **
WOII      K.G.    CONWAY # WOII        R.W.    COOK **
WOII       A.D.    CRAIG
MAJ       J.M.    DaCOSTA ** WOI       D.C.    DALTON **
CAPT      N.F.    DELAHUNTY ** WOI    D.W.B.    DONKIN **
MAJ       L.T.  FITZPATRICK ** WOII       J.      FLANNERY **
CAPT      R.I.    GEORGE **
WOII      J.       HUSBAND ** SGT       W.F.   HACKING #
CAPT      R.E.    HAGERTY ** CAPT      J.B.    HEALY **
CAPT   G.D.W.    IRVINE **

CAPT      R.G.    KENNEDY ** WOII      W.D.     KENNEDY **
LTCOL   A.S.    MANN ** WOII      J.S.    McCOURT **
CAPT      C.L.  McDONOUGH ** MAJ       I.G.    McKEOWN **
LTCOL   R.P.G.S.  McNAMARA ** WOII      C.C.    MILLS **
LTCOL   J.G.    MONAGHAN ** CAPT      R.J.    MOYLE **
MAJ      J.M.    MURPHY **
WOII      D.J.    NEVILLE **
WOII      R.E.    PERKINS ** CAPT     A.B.    PETERSEN **
WOII      R.P.    PINCOTT ** CAPT       R.L.    POLLARD **

WOII      B.M.    QUEE **
WOII      R.E.    ROBINSON,MID  ** WOII      R.E.    ROONEY **
BRIG     F.P.    SERONG ** WOII      R.S.    SIMPSON **
WOII      J.R.    STEWART ** CAPT      K.E.    STICPEWICH **
WOII      B.      STOKES WOII      B.J.    SULLIVAN **
WOII      J.C.    SWANSON **

CAPT      I.C.    TEAGUE ** CAPT      M.M.  THOMPSON
MAJ       B.R.  TINKLER WOII      A.C.     TOGHILL **
WOII      J.      VEZGOFF CAPT      B.      WADE **
WOII      R.L.     WEIR ** WOII     L.A.    WILLIAMS **
WOII      A.A.    YOUNG ** CAPT    P.R.    YOUNG
Legend: '#'     Killed In Action
                '**'  Passed on since service in Vietnam

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