Following is the official South Vietnamese translation of the citation.

This outstanding unit is an assemblage of first class fighting men who have a wealth of ability and goodwill.

The unit was first formed on 1 July 1962 with a basic role of Regimental Level Counter Insurgancy Operations Support and up until the 31 October 71 has ably assisted the Regiments of  I Corps at Phu Bai, the Rangers at Duc My and the Special Forces on the Laotian Border.

In 1964 the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam contributed to the development of the Regional and Popular Forces and established Advisory Teams in the Combat Battalions of the Military Regions.

In particular, the Training Team has participated in almost all the Military operations conducted in the Military Region I during the period from 1964 to 1970, and especially between February and August 1970, the Training Team contributed greatly to the successes of the battles to maintain the security of the Fuller, Tun Tavern and O'Reilly Fire Support Bases in Quang Tri and Thua Thien Provinces - battles which caused serious losses to the enemy in manpower and material.

During operations Lam Son 719, 720 and 810 and Quyet Thang 20/B1, these Australian fighting men regularly faced danger and fought courageously beside units of the Vietnamese Armed Forces while they destroyed many North Vietnamese Army Units.  The cumulative totals of enemy losses for these operations were:

23,381 enemy killed in action.
  114 enemy captured
2,165 crew served weapons captured
5,658 individual weapons captured
108 armoured vehicles destroyed

In view of the Australian Army Training Team's achievements, it is seen that the unit has contributed greatly to the common struggle against communism and the protection of freedom in the Republic of Vietnam, while at the same time the unit has upheld the heroic traditions of the Australian Forces.

Republic of Vietnam
Gallantry Cross with Palm

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