Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV)
Located at The Regional Training Centre
Canungra - Queensland

The AATTV "Memorial" situated at the "Australian Army Regional Training Centre" (previously "Land Warfare Centre" and  before that "Jungle Training Centre"), Canungra in Queensland is not a memorial in the strict sense of the word, as it is built on Army land.  Technically, it is referred to as the "Home of the Australian Advisers".

Entry Date: 13th August 2020

Visits to AATTV Memorial Grove, Canungra QLD

G'day all,

There have been some questions in relation to visits to the AATTV Memorial Grove at Canungra, Queensland.  Peter Conway AATTV Queensland Branch has kindly notified the correct procedure for those wishing to visit the Grove.

Shown below are the requirements should you wish to make a visit.

Take care and Persevere,


AdviseEverybody (without exception ) wishing to visit our Grove must be (repeat must be) escorted by an AATTV person who has been issued with an escort pass.

Those wishing to visit the Grove must contact one of the authorised escorts (Allen Edwards or Frank Reid at least seven days before the proposed visit.  Email: Frank Reid on email: or Kerry Gallagher on email:
to advise him of proposed date and timings.

Arrangements will then be made with the Base Security Manager and the Security Manager for the visit.

Members families and friends are requested to abide by this policy rather than be refused entry to the Base

Kind Regards


Entry Date:  28th October 2023

Australian Army Training Team Vietnam -The Grove

The following was written by Julie Lawler, daughter of WO2 Ned Lawler (deceased). Worthy of publishing as to the effects of war not only on the veteran but also on the family.

Australian Army Training Team Vietnam -The Grove.

In this special place lie the plaques of numerous brave men,
Some gave their lives for Queen and Country,
Here stands a memorial to the soldiers that fought in a senseless war.
No one ever wins a War no matter what is said,
All that matters is on both sides lives are shattered.

Beneath this tree I stand before, today,
Lie the ashes of my Father,
Who did his duty with pride and dignity.
Yes, the man who left our shores
Eventually came home,
But the one who returned was never the same again.

His heart was broken,
His soul destroyed
His life would never be the same.
But three things remained till the day he left me,
His Pride, His Dignity and His Honor.
Pride in doing the job he was asked to do,
Of which I'll never truly know.
Dignity within himself, his bearing, his constant
High standards and his worthiness of his rank.
Honor in being chosen from so many men to
Serve Queen and Country,
And work along side such brave men,

Where others did not come home alive.
This now peaceful resting place is the last
One for quite a few.
But there are times when I wonder are they
Now at Peace, or does the battle rage on?
I thank who-ever watched over him that
When my Father died He finally received his

The eyes that I looked into on that final day,
Were of a man who had laid down his gun.
His War was over, he had finally won.
So keep the campfire burning Daddy,
Shine that light for me, when its my
Turn to come  home.

Julie Lawler.

Photo courtesy of Fred Gebbett AATTV
Photograph of Home of The Australian Advisers (Can Nha Co Van Uc Dai Loi) taken in Year 2010.  The bust of Brig Ted Serong DSO, OBE now sits centrally on the site.


Photo courtesy of Fred Gebbett AATTV
Photograph taken in Year 2010 of 'Simmo's Way' the road leading up to Can Nha.  On the left is 'Memory Lane' which has plaques of  those Team Members killed in RVN. 

Poem by George Mansford - AATTV
 (George Mansford, Copy Right November 2008)
(Written after the annual AATTV memorial service at Canungra in 2008)

At Canungra in Qld where AATTV trained for the Vietnam War there is now a dedicated grove next to the Coomera River with a tree for each member who served including those who did not return. It is a recognized custom to place the ashes of the deceased member at the base of the tree with his name. There is also a small structure of Vietnamese design including a granite scroll with the names of all who served in the unit.  A memorial service is held annually at the grove.


There is a special place we visit now and then
Guarded by sturdy trees in a sheltered glen
A sacred place where pilgrims often meet
Where among the many shaded timbered feet
  There are brave spirits who at peace do sleep

This is a special place where warriors now rest
Men of yesterday who did their very best
It was here that they learned the tricks of war
Centurions in green, training to meet the foe
In those very troubled times of not so long ago

It was here their bonds grew stronger by the day
Then as duty called, they departed on their way
 Leaving a smothering silence, broken at times
By a night owl’s hoot or a singing bird perched high
Sometimes a gentle wind whispering of days gone by

It is here where some of these brothers now lie
Amid wooden sentries reaching for a harsh blue sky
  Protecting each charge with their cool green shade
And at times seasonal dark clouds noisily do creep
Then nurture the thirsty soil as they sob and weep

All the warriors’ names are etched in granite slate
And their trees will spread the seed soon or late
   Then new generations in time will be born
They too will guard and honour the list below
Of those who trained here before meeting the foe

And on that last parade when they call the final roll
Reading all the names scribed on the granite scroll
Of those who served in what was called The Team
They will be together again after life’s great race
And will find eternal peace in this very special place
George Mansford, Copy Right November 2008

Old soldiers were on parade and the ranks thinning fast
Soon there were but a few and then the very last
Now is the time to reflect on this unit’s life
To salute history created during bloody strife
It’s warriors served from the Mekong Delta to the DMZ
Sometimes alone, often in groups of two or three
They fought in the mountains, paddy fields and towns
Special Forces to Rough Puffs; their names and deeds abound
Scattered throughout Provinces dressed in cams or jungle green
Was there anywhere in South Vietnam the Team had not been?
Always the mateship and together in thick and thin
They believed in their cause and did their best to win
When obstacles seemed too much, persevere was the call
Regardless of circumstances, these gladiators stood tall
They dreamed of loved ones under the Southern Cross far away
For those who fell, perhaps a loving thought as they bid hooray

All have returned to the rendezvous and are again together
Free spirits, side by side in a very special place forever
You of tomorrow will visit this place and learn of AATTV
The unit roll etched on a sacred wall for all to see
Imagine them as they once were, weary soldiers passing by
Picture them in battle; the curses, shouts and cries
Perhaps a gentle wind will softly whisper of many deeds
In forgotten outposts, on un-named hills and ancient paddy fields
See the forced grins as they walk hunched with heavy weight
Hear ANZAC slang “come in spinner” or “How ya goin mate”
Familiar words of “saddle up” “let’s go” or “Follow me”
Their love of country and flag is an example for you and me
See the unit badge forged in war with its motto ---Persevere
Be rest assured that each and every spirit of the Team is here
Remember them well, these warriors of their time
They are now part of our proud history; yours and mine
George Mansford©January 2011


Once more that special day when we do meet
To stroll the grove and greet
Familiar names that used to be
Each etched with pride at the foot of a forest tree
A wooden sentry draped with flag to mark a warrior’s place of rest
Once a proud determined soldier training for the ultimate test

Now if you close your eyes and listen
 You will hear happy voices in that dancing vision
Laughing, talking and often in song
A blurred column from yesterday marching along
For our nation eager and willing to serve
Never seeking or asking for more than they deserve

Pilgrims recall familiar faces as they pass by
The loss so painful and loved ones ask God why?
Some recall a young man’s dreams for his lost tomorrow
His determination to lead and not follow
Soon the gathering disperses and each travels a separate way
A gentle wind rustling the trees whispers a fond hooray

Next year there will be a gathering again
At this loved grove where once the Team did train
For some, the last salute before they too join the sleeping band
Their time as mortals measured by the last grains of falling sand
In time, future generations will visit to reflect on past deeds
To honour a Team now complete, resting beneath tall proud trees
George Mansford©August 2013

The AATTV plaque at the entrance with the hardwood grove on the left. It had its origins in 1992/93 when a  rain forest hardwood timber grove was named the "AATTV Memorial Grove", in honour of the AATTV  by the Commandant of the Land Warfare Centre now Regional Training Centre.  Home  of the Australian  Advisers overlooks the timber grove and was officially unveiled and dedicated in 1996.

The Home of the Australian Advisers The home is a small asian-style building containing a polished granite wall on which is engraved the names of those who served in AATTV.  The building is of a simple and practical design to provide visitors with a serene and comfortable retreat  where they can spend their time in peaceful reflection with their memories. The Home was funded by private subscription and donations of sculpture, materials and technical skills.

The wall inscribed with the names of those who served in AATTV. In the centre, the unit badge, with The Team  motto "Persevere".

View from the Home, overlookingthe hardwood grove and the mountains in the distance.

Original stone monument near the main entrance to the base at Canungra which was dedicated to all   members of AATTV with the AATTV Roll of  Honour below.                                                                     Closer look at the plaques on the original stone monument.

Dedication plaques to some members of  'The Team' 
who have  passed on since the Vietnam  war. This was
taken of The Team plaques  located on a pillar inside
Can Tha and the ashes of the Teammembers spread
in the groves near their tree.
                                                                      Team badge at the entrance to the memorial during 
                                                                       birthday service in year 2000.  Note: Team flag 


Padres'  giving their service duringthe Team birthday memorial service in year 2000.

Bill Abigail inspecting his charges in the original grove. These trees are larger than the newer plantings. Bill Abigail and Bruce Sutherland have put tremendous effort and time into the groves  - marking, weeding and so on.  Good onya Bill and Bruce.

I would like to thank David Savage and the AATTV Association Queensland Branch Inc. for the material supplied  on this page.  Team members all over the country are well aware of the sterling efforts that have been put in by the Queensland Branch in establishing the Home of the Advisers. Persevere.

Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV)

Tree Locations - AATTV Memorial Grove, Canungra

Listed below, in alphabetical order are the names of all Australians and New Zealanders who served in 'The Team' inVietnam from 1962 - 1972.  Included in this list is the location of each member's tree which are located within the grove of trees at Canungra. Legend to locations of trees is explained below.  Any errors or omissions are regretted and advice can be passed to me for investigation on

  #  =  Those members of AATTV who died on Active Service in South Vietnam.
**  =  Those members of AATTV who have passed on since Active Service in South
+  =    Team member's ashes interred under tree.
x  =    Team member also has a tree in the original Memorial Grove 1.
           eg. WO2 W.H. ABIGAIL x where I/D2/A1 =
I = Memorial Grove No 1.
D = Row D in Memorial Grove No 1.
2 = Tree number in Row.
A =  Row A Memorial Grove No 2.
1 =  Tree number in Row.

WO2  W.H. ABIGAIL x **

WO1      S.A.   AIKEN **

WO1      B.C.  ADDINGTON **

MAJ (later Lt Col)     R.J.  AITKEN, MID **

WO2     J.S.    ALLAN **  A5 WO1      L.T.  ALLEN  A6
WO1      R.J.   ALLEN  A7 WO1      R.M.  ALMOND **  A8 
WO2  W.F.  ANDERSON**   A11 WO2     J.H.  ANDREWS#  A12
BDR    C.M.  ANGELES **  A13 WO2     P.      ANGUS x **  I/N3/A14
WO2     D.G.  ANNETT  A15 WO2     C.R.  ANSELL **  A16
WO2     M.G.  ANSTEE **  A17 WOI      S.A.  ARBLASTER ** x  I/N6+/A18
WO2   G.L. ARMSTRONG **  A19 WOI      L.H.  ARNFIELD **  A20
WO2      A.J.  ARNOLD **  A21 CPL        B.J.   ARTHUR **  JJ14
CAPT         R.J.  ASHFIELD  A23 CAPT    K.H.  ASPINALL  A24
CPL        R.J.  ATKINS  B1 WO2      E.G.  AUSTIN **  B2
CPL       P.C. AYLETT  B3 WO2    R.D.  AYLETT,MID x ** I/H1/B4

MAJ       P.J. BADCOE VC (POST) # ii  B5 WO2     N.J.  BAIN **  B6
CAPT     R.A.  BAIRD **  B7 CPL      P.D.  BAKER  B8
WO2      S.    BALCOMBE  B9 WOI     R.A.  BANDY x **  I/19/B10
MAJ     T.C.  BANNISTER **  B11 WO2     J.E.  BARKER** x  I/B6/B12
CAPT     K.W.  BARLOW  B13 WO2    J.T.  BARNES x **  I/16/B14
WO2  R.A.  BARNES,DCM x **  I/I2/B15 WO2     T.W.  BARRETT  B16
WO2      G.      BATISTE **  B17 CAPT    K.W.  BAUDISTEL #  B18
WO2      A.J.  BAXTER**  B19 WO2     W.M.  BAXTER  **  B20
CPL      G.V.  BAYLISS  B21 MAJ       P.W. BEALE, DSO  B22
WO2     F.J.  BEATTIE, OAM **  B23 CPL        D.W.  BECK  B24
WOI        R.    BEE **  B24 WO2       H.H. BEEZLEY ** x  I/I8/C1
CPL      W.A.    BELCHER  C2 WO2       D.B. BELL **  C3
WO2      F.E. BELL  **  C4 MAJ       H.L. BELL **  C5
WO2     O.W.  BELL  C61 CAPT     G.R.  BELLEVILLE#  C7
2LT        J.A.  BENEDICH  C8 WO2      R.I.  BENNETT  C9
CAPT     D.G.  BENT  C10 WO2      B.E.  BETTS **  C11
LT          D.R.  BIRD  C12 WOI       W.J. BIRKETT **  C13
WO2      S.A.  BIRNIE  **  C14 WO2     J.R.  BISHOP**  C15
WO2      C.L.  BLACK  C16 CPL       T.D. BLACKHURST #  C17
WO2      P.N.  BLAIR 
(now      J.R.  McCARTHY) **
 C18 WO2      W.A.  BLANCK #  C19

CAPT     G.F.   BOILEAU **  C20
WO2 M.R. BOLITHO,MID **  C21 WO2      M.C.  BOLTON  
WO2       J.A. BOND #  C22 WO2       A.W. BONE **  C23
WO2       L.N. BOOTES  I/J2/C24 WO2       S.      BOOTH **  C25
CPL        V.J.  BOOTH **  D1 CAPT          J.R.  BOURKE **  D2
WO2       J.L. BOUVENG  D3 WO2       E.J. BOWMAN  D4
WOI        R.     BOYCE **  D5 BDR         S.M.  BOYD  D6
PTE       W.D.  BOYLE **  D7 CPL          F.W.  BRADY  D8
WO2      K.J.  BRADY  D9 WOI    F.L.R.  BRANSON,MID**  D10
WO2      R.J.  BRAY  D11 WO2        W.E.  BRAY **  D12
WO2     T.H.  BREAKWELL,BEM **  %+/D13 WO2        W.G.  BRENNAN **  D14
CPL        A.    BREWER  D15 CAPT    R.L.    BRICKNELL  D16?
SGT       R.T. BROADHURST  D17 CAPT       C.J. BROCK  D18
LT          R.J.  BROCKETT ** x  I/C4/D19 WO2       J.  BRODERICK  **  D20
WO2      M.A.  BRODZIAK **  D21 MAJ       G.V. BROWN **  D22
CPL        P.J.  BROWN  D23 WOI        W.    BROWN  D24
MAJ      J.A.  BROWNE  D25 WO2  W.J.  BRUCE,MM**  D26
MAJ      W.J.  BRYDON, MID **  E1 WO2       W.J. BRYSON x **  I/N5/E2
PTE        J.G.    BUCHAN  E3 MAJ   R.S.  BUCHAN,MID **  E4
WOI      H.    BUCKLEY **  E5 CPL          L.G.  BUCKLEY  E6
WO2     A.K.  BULOW,MID **  E7 CPL   N.W.  BURGERHOF **  E8
CPL       D.W. BURGESS **  E9 WO2       D.   BURKE **  E10
LTCOL  R.L.  BURNARD, MID  E11 WOI        E.C.  BURNS **  E12
MAJ       P.R. BURNS **  E13 WO2      R.J.  BURNS **  E14
CAPT     J.J.  BURROWS**  E15 WO2     R.    BURY **  E16
WO2      M.J.  BUTLER  E17 WO2       W.E. BUTLER **  E18

CPL      M.B.   BYRNE **
WO2      J.G.  CAHILLE20  E21 WO2      R.W.  CAIRNS **  E22
WO2      F.A.  CALLANDER, MID **  E25 WO2      D.G.  CAMERON, DCM,MM x**  I/J9//F1
WO2     D.R.  CAMERON,DCM x **  I/M1/F2 SGT     N.C.  CAMM **  F3
CAPT(later MAJ)     D.H.  CAMPBELL **  F5 WO2      D.I.  CAMPBELL  F6
CAPT     J.E.  CAMPBELL **  F4 WOI       R.F. CAPEL **  F7
WO2 (later Maj)     B.J. CARBONE **  F8 CPL       C.D. CARROLL **  F9
WO2      S.J.  CARRUTHERS **  F10 MAJ      G.D.  CARTER x**  I/N8/F11
WO2      R.G.  CARTER **  F12 MAJ      M.P.  CASEY **  F13
WOI        D.    CASSIDY  F14 BDR      C.J.  CAVANAGH  F15
WO2   P.M. CERDA-PAVIA **  I/E6/F16 CPL        C.P.  CHADWICK  F17
WO2    J.F. CHALLENGER**  F18 WO2      R.W.  CHAMBERLAIN x **  I/G7/F19
WO2     C.A.  CHAMBERS  F20 WO2 (later WO1)      S.A.  CHAMBERS **  F21
WO2      R.J.  CHANCE **  F22 WO2      B.E.  CHAPMAN**  F23
WO2      R.G.  CHAPPELL **  F24 WO2      H.J.  CHARLES **  F25
WO2    K.D.  CHARLTON **  G1 WOI        D.R.  CHERRY **  G2
WO2      K.G.  CHESTER  G3 WOI       G.E.  CHINN, DCM ** x  I/B9/G4
WO2  W.J. CHURCHIN**  G5 WO2      R.J.  CLANCY **  G6
WO2     B.D. CLARK,MM **  G7 CPL        C.F.A.  CLARK **  G8
COL     J.A.  CLARK,MID **  G9 MAJ      L.G.  CLARK,MC **  G10
CAPT       R.   CLARK **  G11 WO2      J.     CLARKE **
WO2      J.P.  CLARKE, Q's Comm. **  G13 LT         J.R.  CLARKE **  G14
WO2       K.L.CLARKE  G15 WO2     M.J.W.  CLARKSON **  G16
WO2      A.R.  CLEASBY  G17 WO2      H.D.  CLIVELY **  G18
CAPT     A.S.  COCHRANE  G21 WO2      D.S.  COCHRANE, MM  G22
WO2      J.    COCHRANE **  G23 WO2      M. COFFEY, Q's Comm. **  G24
WO2      T.J.  COLBERT **  G25 WO2      J.H.  COLEMAN **  G26
WO2      S.C.  COLLEY **  G27 WO2      J.E.  COLLINS x **  I/J6/G28
WO2    W.M.  COLLINS ** x  I/N10/G29 WO2      R.J.  COLLINSON, BEM **  G30
WO2      K.G.  CONWAY #  H3 WO2      P.R.  CONWAY x **  I/F1/H4
CPL        B.J.  COOK  H5 WO2      R.W.  COOK **  H6
WO2      W.R.  COPE  H7 WO2    J.V.E.  COPEMAN **  H8
WO2      M.    CORKHILL **  H9 CPL        R.K.  COSTOLLOE  H10
WO2      J.R.  COUSINS **  H11 WO2    R.D.P.  COUTTIE **  H12
WO2      J.R.  COUTTS **  H13 WO2      L.W.  COVILL  H14
WO2      P.G.  COWAN x **  I/B10/H15 WO2      B.H.  COX, MBE, MID **  H16
WO2      A.D.  CRAIG  H17 WO2      M.B.  CRANSTON **  H18
WO2     C.W.  CRAPPER** x  I/J5/H19 CAPT      R.J.  CREWE, AM**  H20
CPL        R.A.  CROSS  H21 WO2      R.T.P.  CULLEN **  H22
WO2      R.J.  CURRAN **  H23

MAJ       J.M. DaCOSTA **  H24 WOI       D.C. DALTON **  H25
WO2      K.J.  DALY  I1 CAPT    A.    DANILENKO, MID (Post) #  I2
CAPT      M.B.  DARCY  I3 WO2      G.J.  DARLINGTON  I4
WO2      W.C.  DATE ** x  I/D8/I5 WO2      B.    DAVIES, MID **  I6
CPL        R.D.  DAVIES  I7 WO2      R.G.  DAVIES **  I8
WO2      W.J.  DAVIES x **  I/B5/I9 WO2      W.S.  DAVIES **  I10
WO2      B.F.  DAVIS ** x  I/H3/I11 CAPT      P.H.  DAVIS  I12
CPL        W.    DAVIS **  I13 CPL        G.H.  DAVISON  I14
CPL        M.    DAWKINS  I15 WO2      B.R.  DAY **  I16
CAPT      W.R. DEANE  I17 WO2      W.L.G.  DEANSHAW  I18
WOI        R.    DEED, MID  I19 CAPT    N.L.  de la HUNTY,MC**x  I/J4/I20
CAPT       G.W. DENNIS **  I21 WO2      C.D. DERMODY **  I22
CAPT       J.H. DEVITT **  I23 WO2      W.S.  DICKEY **  I24
WO2      T.A.S.  DICKSON **  I25 WO2      R.J.  DIGGENS **  I26
WO2      R.E.J.  DILLOW **  I27 WO2      R.J.  DIXON **  J1
WO2      A.J.N.  DODDS **  J2 WO2      T.F.  DOLAN, MID **  J3
CPL       M.P. DOLENSKY  J4 SGT         G.    DOLLIN  J5
MAJ   R.B.  DONALDSON  J6 WO2 (later WO1)   D.W.B.  DONKIN, MBE **  J7
SGT        K.J.  DONNELLY  J8 WO2      T.M.  DONNELLY **  J9
WO2    C.L.  DOUGLAS **  J10 WOI        L.J.  DOWSETT **  I/B2/J11
CAPT      N.B.  DUDGEON x **  I/C3/J13 WO2        D.A.  DUFFEY **  J14
WOI        R.E.  DUMMETT, MM x **  J15 WOI     A.C.  DUNCAN **  J16
WO2      K.   DUNN **  J17 WO2      L.W.  DUNN  J18
WOI        W.L.  DUNSTAN  J19 WO2 J.T. DURRINGTON #  J20
CPL        P.S.  DURY  J21

CPL        A.J.  EADE  J22 WO2      W.A.  EADE, MID **  J23
WO2     D.W.  EATHER**  J24 SGT        F.K.  EBERLE  J25
WO2      C.E.  EBNER **  J26 SGT       W.L. EDDINGTON  J27
WO2    I.L.  EDWARDS ** x  II/L6/J28 SGT       K.A. EDWARDS  K1
WO2      A.L.  EGAN ** x  I/L2/K2 WO2      T.J. EGAN,DCM x  I/D/5K3
CPL      G.M.  ELDRIDGE  K4 WO2      J.E.  ELKINS **  K5
WO2      B.   ELPHICK **  K6 WO2      B.C.  EMBERSON **  K7
WO2      C.F.E.  EMERY **  K8 WOI        M.A.  EVANS **  K9
WO2      R.G.  EVANS  x **  I/E2/K10 WO2      W.R.  EVERETT,MBE **  K11

WO2      E.J. FAHY **  K12 WOI       T.H. FAIRFAX  K13
WO2   A.B.R. FALK,MM**  K14 MAJ       M.W. FARMER x  I/J8/K15
CPL        I.N.   FELTON  K18 WO2      J.V.  FERGUSON **  K19
WO2      L.B.  FIRTH**  K20 WO2      W.J.  FISHER  K21
WO2   J.   FITZGERALD #  K22 CPL        S.M.  FITZGERALD   L1
CPL    T.G.  FITZGERALD **  L2 WO2     N.G.  FITZGIBBON,MID (now  G.  GRANT)  O1
CAPT      J.A.  FITZSIMON **  L7 WO2      J.    FLANNERY **  L8
CAPT      P.L.  FLETCHER  L9 WO2      A.R.  FOLBIGG **  L10
WO2      D.F.  FORD x  I/C6/L11 WOI        T.J.  FORDE **  L12
WO2      K.W.  FORDEN  L13 CPL        A.R.  FORSYTH  L14
WO2      B.   FOSTER **  L15 WO2      M.J.  FOSTER **  L16
WO2      R.W.  FOSTER **  L17 WO2      G.A.  FRANCIS **  L18
WO2      A.H.  FRANKS *  L19 WO2      E.J.  FRASER **  L20
WOI       A.D. FRENCH **  M1 WO2      W.J.  FRENCH **  M2
WO2      R.A. FRISBY  M3 WO2      W.D.  FROST **  M4
CPL        G.L.  FUDGE  M5 WOI       J.R.  FUGE ** x  I/G1+/M6

WO2      K.A.  GABRIEL, MID  ** x  I/I5/M7 CPL        P.M.  GADSDEN **  M8
WOI     L.E.  GALLOWAY **  M11 WO2      J.    GARRIGAN #  M12
WOI        E.W.  GASON **  M13 WO2      P.S.  GAUNT  M14
LCPL      D.R. GEALE  M15 BDR       F.C. GEBBETT  M16
WO2      A.E.  GEE **  M17 WOI       J.   GEEDRICK  **  M18
CPL          P.J.  GEIL  **  M19 CAPT      R.I.  GEORGE **
CAPT       G.W. GHENT **  M21 WO2      J.F.  GHILOTTI **  M22
WOI        J.A.J.  GIBSON**  M23 WO2  M.W.T.  GILL, MID (Post.)#   M24
WO2      T.W.  GILL  M25 CAPT      J.D.  GILLILAND  N1
WO2      T.E.  GILLIVER **  N2 WO2    P.R.B.   GLEESON  N3
CPL        K.P.  GLOVER **  N4 WO2      T.J. GODDARD **  N5
LT           I.J.  GOLLINGS  N6 WO2      J.    GORDON x **  I/F6/N7
MAJ     I.W.B.  GORE  N8 WO2      L.N.  GORMAN **  N9
LT COL   P.T.F.  GOWANS  N10 WO2      J.M.  GRAFTON **  N11
WO2      E.H.  GRAHAM **  N12 WO2        G.   GRANT, MID  O1
WO2      L.B.G.  GREEN **  N13 WO2      W.C.  GREEN x **  I/M6/N14
CAPT     W.J.C. GREGG  N15 WO2       J.V. GRELCK  **  N16
CPL        G.R.  GREY  N17 WO2      J.H.  GRIFFITH  N18
WO2      W.J.  GROGAN  N19 CPL        M.J.  GROSSER **  N20
WO2      E.P.  GRUBE **  N21 WO2     N.    GRUETZNER **  N22
CAPT      R.L.  GUEST  N23 CAPT      W.M.  GUNDER x  I/D9/N24
WO2      R.K.  GURNEY **  N25

WOI       A.A. HABERLEY,MBE**  O2 SGT        W.F.  HACKING #  O3
WO2      J.P.     HAGEAN **  O4 CAPT      R.E.  HAGERTY **  O5
WO2      B.H.  HAGUE  O6 PTE        C.P.  HAINS  O7
WOI        K.A.  HALL  O8 WO2      F.G.  HAMERSLEY, MID (Post)#  O9
CPL        J.L.  HAMMER  O10 WO2 H.W.  HAMMOND**  O11
WO2  M.P. HANLEY,MM#  O12 CPL        P.      HANLEY **  O13
MAJ       J.C. HARDING **  O14 BDR    P.H.B.  HARDING **  O15
WO2      N.E.  HARDY **  O16 WO2      E.    HARKIN  O17
MAJ       A.    HARKNESS  O18 WO2      G.D.  HARRIS, MID  **  O19
CAPT       P.J.S. HARRIS **  O20 WO2      R.G.  HARRIS ** O21 
WO2      R.W.  HARRIS  O22 WO2      V.L.  HARRIS **  O23
WO1   J.N.  HARROWER **  O24 CPL    N.D.  HARTIGAN **  O25
CAPT       J.C. HARTLEY  O26 WO2    H.J.  HARTMAN **  O27
LT           R.J.  HARVEY  P1 CPL        R.J.  HASLETT  P2
CPL         P.    HATELEY **  P3 WO2      G.M.  HAUPT  P4
CPL        G.A.  HAZEL  P7 CAPT       J.B. HEALY **  P8
WO2      K.W.  HEARD  P9 MAJ        S.R.  HEARDER  P10
WO2     G.D.  HEATH,MM **  P11 WO2     R.E.  HEATHCOTE  P12
WO2 K.J. HEBBLEWHITE **  P13 WO2       D.F. HEDGES **  P14
WO2       D.F. HEENAN  P15 WO2       J.N.  HEMERIK  P16
WO2  M.A. HENDERSON#  P17 CPL        A.J.  HENNESSY  P18
WO2    D.A.  HERBERT **  P19 WO2  G.L. HERSCHELL**  P20
WO2       P.J. HESLIN **  P21 WO2      E.B.  HEWSON **  P22
BDR       D.A. HEWTON  P23 WO2      D.G.  HILL  P24
WOI       W.J. HILL **  P25 WO2      C.G.  HILTON  P26
WO2      A.G.  HINSON **  Q1 WO2      L.    HOAD **  Q2
WOI  W.D.  HODGART **  Q3 WO2      G.I.  HODGSON **  Q4
WO2      J.R.  HOFMAN **
 Q5 MAJ       D.E.  HOLFORD **  Q6
LT      J.T.A. HOLLAND   Q7 WO2    K.C.  HOLLAND**  Q8
CPL       C.J.  HOLMES **  Q9 WO2      D.G.  HOLMES **  Q10
WO2      J.V.  HOLT **  Q11 CPL        G.J.  HONOUR  Q12
WO2      J.T.  HOOLIHAN **  Q13 CPL        G.T.  HOOPER  Q14
CPL        G.R.  HORE  Q15 WO2      G.S.  HORNE **  Q16
WO2      T.W.  HOWARD  Q17 WOI       D.L. HOWELLS  Q18
WO2       P.J. HOYNE **  Q19 WO2      H.F.  HUDSON**  Q20
WO2      J.P.  HUDSON **  Q21 MAJ       J.F. HUGHES, MC ** x  I/I7/Q22
MAJ       J.G. HUGHES**  Q23 WO2      P.    HULSING  Q24
WO2      A.K.  HUNTER **

WO2      J.S.  HYLAND  **

WO2      J.    HUSBAND **


CAPT      G.D.  IRVINE **  R6 WO2      J.    IRVINE **  R7
WO2      C. J.  ISON, BEM,DSM **  R8

WO2      L.    JAAGO  R9 CAPT      B.    JACKSON, MID **  R10
WO2    G.W.  JACKSON **  R11 CAPT      J.C.  JACKSON  R12
WO2  L.  JACKSON,MM**  R13 COL        O.D.  JACKSON **  R14
WO2      M.J.M.  JAMES **  R15 WO2      G.Y.  JAMIESON, MID **  R16
 R17 CPL     K.G.  JARRETT,MID **  R18
WO2      G.C.  JENKIN  R19 WO2      D.W.  JENKINSON **  R20
CPL        T.J.  JENNINGS  R21 WO2      M.T.  JENSEN  R22
WO2      I.J.  JEWELL  x  IV/L7/R23 CPL        G.K.  JOHNSON  S1
MAJ       F.C. JOHNSTON, MBE **  S2 WO2      N.    JOHNSTON  S3
LTCOL P.T. JOHNSTON **  S4 WO2      A.K.  JONES **  S5
WO2      D.I.  JONES **  S6 WO2      W.T.  JONES **  S7
WO2    A.J.A.  JOYCE **  S8 WO2      G.K.  JOYCE, MM  S9
WO2      C.B.  JUDD **  S10

CPL        G.J.  KALEMBA  S11 WO2      L.A. KAPP  S12
CPL       S.R. KAY  S13 WO2      C.R.  KEALY, OAM, MID **  S14
WOI       R.A. KEAN **  S15 BDR        D.D.  KEECH **  S16
WO2      C.F.  KEIOSKIE  **  S17 WO2      A.M.  KELLY  S18
CPL        J.W.  KELLY  S19 WO2      M.    KELLY x **  I/C2/S20
WO2      J.    KENDALL  S21  WO2      W.   KENNEALLY x  I/N7/S22
BDR        R.A.  KENNEDY**  S23 MAJ (later LT COL)      R.G. KENNEDY **  S24
WO2      R.J.  KENNEDY  S25 SGT       W.D. KENNEDY,MBE **  S26
WOI       S.T. KENT, DCM x **  I/D4/S27 MAJ       D.N. KERR **  S28
WO2      D.G.  KILLION **  T1 SGT       J.F. KIMBERLEY **  T2
WO2      G.H.  KING  **  T3 WO2      R.M.  KING **  T4
LTCOL  K.H.  KIRKLAND ** x  I/B8/T5 WO2        V.    KIRSCH  T6
LT          A.J.  KIRWAN **  T7 WO2      K.W. KNOWLES **  T8
CPL         J.J.  KOLARIC **  T9 CAPT      S.    KRASNOFF  T10
CAPT      F.M.  KUDNIG  T11 CPL        I.A.  KURING  T12

CAPT       W.A. LAGALLE **  T13 WO2     J.W.  LAKE  T14
WO2    A.W.  LANCASTER  T15 WO2      A.J.  LANE, MBE  T16
WO2      I.J.  LANGRIDGE **  T17 WO2      W.J.  LAPTHORNE **  T18
WOI        L.F.  LARSSON **  T19 WO2      K.G.  LATHAM, MID **  T20
WO2      A.J.  LAVELL **  T21 WO2      F.   LAWLER **  T22
WOI    B.R. LAWRANCE**   T23 WO2      G.H.  LAWRENCE **  T24
WO2      R.D.  LAWSON  U2 WO2      J.F.  LEAL  U3
COL       G.J. LEARY, MID **  U4 BDR       I.L. LEE  U5
WO2     R.V.  LEES#  U6 WO2      J.M.  LEFEL x  I/D6/U7
CAPT      J.A.  LEGGETT  U8 WO2      R. LENNON **  U9
WO2      B.L. LESUEUR  U10 WO2      I.C.  LEVER **  U11
WO2     E.G.  LEWIS **  U12 WO2      W.F.  LEWIS **  U13
CAPT     O.S.  LIND  U14 WO2      A.P.  LING  U16
CPL         E.M.  LLOYD  U17 LTCOL  R.D.F. LLOYD,OBE,MC **  U18
CAPT      G.L.  LOCKHART  U19 WO2      G.M. LOGAN **  U20
WO2      B.G. LONG  U21 WO2      D.H.  LORD x **  I/E4/U22
WOI       E.D. LOUND **  U23 MAJ       H.D. LOVELOCK x  **  I/F2/U24
WO2      R.W.   LOWE **  U25 WO2      F.J.  LUCAS, MM **  U26
WO2       R.A. LUCKMAN  U27 WO2      T.    LYDDIETH #  U28

WO2  J.H.  MacARTNEY **  V1 WO2      M.C. MacARTNEY **  V2
WO2    D.R.  MacDONALD **  V3 WO2      J.A.  MacDONALD #  V4
CAPT    K.W.  MacKENZIE **  V5 WO2      R.P.  MacKENZIE  V6
CPL        R.G.  MACKRILL x  I/N11/V7 CPL        T.R.  MACLAINE  V8
WO2   K.J.  MacPHERSON **  V9 WO2      B.L.  MAHER  V10
WO2  J.T.  MALONE, Q's Comm. **  V11 WO2      T.F.  MALONE **  V12
LTCOL    A.S.  MANN **  U1 WOI       J.W. MANN**  V13
CAPT    G.L.  MANSFORD  V14 CPL        D.N.  MANSKI  V15
2LT         R.J.  MARGETTS  V16 CAPT      H.E.  MARTENS **  V17
WO2      A.D.  MARTIN **  V18 WO2      E.H.  MARTIN **  V19
WO2      G.R.  MARTIN **  V20 WO2      J.D.  MARTIN  V21
CAPT      N.G. MASON-JONES  V22 WO2      A.C.  MASSINGHAM **  V23
WO2      N.F.  MATHEWS **  V24 WO2      K.H.  MAVIN **  V25
WO2  D.A.  McCLYMANS, MID **   W2 WO2      E.L.  McCOOMBE  W3
WO2      J.S. McCOURT **  W4 CAPT       M.K. McDERMOTT **  W5
CPL    B.T.  McDONALD**  W6 WO2       K.F. McDONALD x **  I/L5/W7
CAPT  C.L.T.  McDONAGH x **  I/G8/W8 CAPT      D.W.  McDOWELL  W9
WO2      C.N.  McEVOY**  W10 WO2      J.    McEWAN-FERGUSON,Q'sComm. **  W11
WO2  W.M. McFADDEN **  W12 WO2      J.H.  McFADZEAN x **  I/N2/W13
WO2    L.G.  McGARRY **  I/K6/W14 WOI       G.F. McGEE **  W15
WO2  M.L. McGEECHAN **  U15 WO2      L.    McGLASHAN **  W16
WO2      B.F.  McGRATH, MID  W17 WO2       P.B. McGRELLIS **  W18
CAPT   B.F.  McGURGAN x **  I/F7/W19 WO2      B.    McILWRAITH **  W20
WO2   W.J.  McINERNEY  W21 WO2      L.F. McINTOSH x  I/H2/W22
BDR     J.   McKENNA  W23 WO2      J.F.  McKENNER**  W24
MAJ    I.G.  McKEOWN **  X1  WOI       S.J.  McLAUGHLIN **  X2
CAPT      W.M. McLAUGHLIN  X3 WO2       T.A. McLEAN  X4
CPL   K.R.  McMILLAN **  X5 WO2       J.C. McNAMARA  X6
LTCOL R.G.P.S.  McNAMARA, OBE ** x  I/M4/X7 WO2      T.    McNEE **  X8
MAJ   I.G. McNEILL **  X9 WO2      I.S.  McPHAIL  X10
CAPT    I.W.  McQUIRE  X11 WO2      J.A.  McRAE, MID **  X12
BDR      R.C  MELLIER  X15 CAPT      M.S.  METHERALL **   X16
WO2  V.F.  METZROTH **  X17 SGT       A.J. MILLER **  X18
WO2      E.F.  MILLER **  X19 WO2      K.T.  MILLER  X20
BDR       R.F. MILLER  X21 CPL        P.J.  MILLETT  Y1
WO2      L.G. MILLISS **  Y4  WO2      C.C. MILLS **   Y5
WO2      R.E.  MILLS **  Y6 LTCOL     A.J.  MILNER**  Y7
WO2 K.J.MITCHELL**  Y8 WO2      F.M.  MOFFITT x **  I/I4/Y9
CAPT  A.J.MOGRIDGE  Y10 CPL        U.    MOLDRE  Y11
LTCOL    J.G.  MONAGHAN **  Y12 CPL         J.C.  MONK **  Y13
WO2   R.A.  MONKHOUSE  Y14 WO2      J.C.  MOODY **  Y15
CPL  O.C.  MOON, MID  Y16 WO2       K.   MORAN **  Y17
WO2    D.N.  MORGAN  Y18 WO2      A.H.  MORRIS, DCM x  I/G3/Y19
2LT        A.J.  MORRIS  Z1 WOI       E.J. MORRISON, DCM & BAR, MID ** x  I/K5/Z2
WO2   L.I.  MORRISON **  Z3 WO2      B.   MORROW **  Z4
CAPT      R.J.  MOYLE **  Z5 WOI      B.I.V.  MUIR **  Z6
WO2      M.R.  MUIR **  Z7 CPL        K.W.  MULLIGAN  Z8
BDR    T.P.  MULLINS  Z9 WO2      G.E.  MUNRO **  Z10
WOI        G.S.  MUNT **  Z11 MAJ       J.M. MURPHY, MC  **  Z12
CAPT (later MAJ)    V.N.  MURPHY **  Z13 WO2      L.T. MURRELL  Z14
CPL     K.N.  MYERS**  AA1

WO2     R.A.  NEAGLE **  AA2 WO2      G.C.  NEITZ x **  I/B7/AA3
CAPT   J.P.  NELSON **  AA4 WO2      W.A.  NESBIT  AA5
CAPT A.G.  NESBITT**  AA6 WO2      D.J.  NEVILLE, DCM ** x  I/A1/AA7
WO2      E.A.  NICHOLAS, MBE **  AA8 WO2      J.T.  NICHOLLS **  AA9
WO2      L.P.  NICHOLSON  AA10 SGT       G.L. NIELSON  AA11
WO2      W.J.  NOBLE **  AA12 WO2       J.E.  NOLAN  AA13
MAJ       M.T. NORRIS **  AA14

WO2      R.J.  O'BRIEN **  AA15 WO2       J.M. O'DONNELL x  I/A3/AA16
WO2      R.A.  O'HARA  AA17 WO2       R.I. OLIVER, MM **
MAJ        B.J.  O'NEILL **  AA19 CPL         T.A.  O'NEILL  BB1
CAPT      L.M.  OPIE, DCM **  BB2 WO2      L.D.  OSBORN, MM ** x  I/K7/BB3
WOI       E.B. OSTARA, DCM x **  I/L4/BB4

CAPT     B.W.  PALMER**  BB5 WO2       D.M. PALMER, MID x **  I/B1/BB6
WO2      D.G.  PARKER **  BB9 WO2      R.A.  PARKER  BB10
WO2      A.    PARRELLO, MID (Post.) #  BB11 CPL        W.O.  PARRY  BB12
BDR     M.H.  PARTRIDGE **  BB13 WOI       J.E. PASHEN ** x  I/D3/BB14
WOI        H.E.  PATCH **  BB15 CAPT      D.F.  PAUL **  BB16
WO2      P.J.  PAVLENKO  BB17 WO2      G.E.  PAXTON **  BB18
WO2      K.    PAYNE, VC x  I/C1/BB19 CPL        J.A.  PEACH  BB20
WO2      D.    PEARCE  CC1 CPL        R.J.  PEARSON  CC2
WO2      R.G.  PEDLER  CC3 WO2        J.R.  PEEL  CC4
WO2      R.E.  PERKINS,OAM **  CC7 CAPT      A.B.  PETERSEN, MC x **  I/K4/CC8
WO2      G.H.  PETERSON  CC9 WO2     J.G. PETTIT, MID (Post.)#   CC10
WOI       A.C. PHILLIPS  CC11 WO2      D.B.  PHILLIPS **  CC12
CPL        M.L.  PHILLIPS  CC13 MAJ       K.R. PHILLIPS, MID  CC14
WO2      T.D.  PHILLIPS, MID (Post.) #  CC15 WO2      K.R.  PHIPPS  CC16
WO2      R.P.  PINCOTT **  CC17 WO2      E.J.  PIRANI **  CC18
CPL          R.F.  POIRRIER **  CC19 WO2      G.M.  POLKINGHORNE **   CC20
CAPT      R.L.  POLLARD **  CC21 WO2      M.J.  POOLE   DD1
WO2      H.    POPE x **  I/K1/DD2 MAJ       I.G. PORTEOUS  **  DD3
WO2      A.N. POWELL x  I/F3/DD4 WO2      D.T. POWELL, MM** x  I/E1/DD5
WO2      R.D.  PRATT **  DD6 WO2      J.W.  PRATTEN  DD7
LTCOL (later COL)    A.V.  PREECE, DSO, MVO **  DD8 WO2      K.J.      PRIOR  DD9
WO2      K.D.  PRYDE  DD12 CPL        E.J.  PURTELL  DD13
WO2      R.A.  PURTON  **  DD14

WO2      B.M.  QUEE **  DD15 CPL        D.R.  QUICK  DD16

CPL        G.W.  RAE **  DD17 WO2      F.L. RAFFEN #  DD18
WO2      K.W.  RAMSDALE **  DD19 WO2      I.R.  RAMSEY **  DD20
CAPT    L.A.J.  RANSOME **  DD21 SSGT     B.F.  RANSON**  EE1
WO2      S.H.  RAWLINS x **  I/N4/EE2 CAPT      P.J.  RAY **  EE3
WO2      G.    REARDON  EE4 MAJ       K.J. REDMAN  EE5
WO2      L.G.  REEMAN **  EE6 CAPT      P.M. REID **  EE7
WO2      S.F.  REID x  I/G6/EE8 LCPL      P.H.  REMYNSE  EE9
WO2      W.L.  REYNOLDS  EE10 CPL       P.G. RHODES  EE11
WO2      K.A.  RICHARDS, MM **  EE12 WO2       N.E. RICHARDSON **  EE13
MAJ       R.J. RIDDLE  EE14 WO2      A.E.  RIEDEL **  EE15
BDR        B.M.  RIGBY  EE16 CPL        J.H.  RILEY  EE17
WO2      F.W.  RILEY **  EE18 CAPT      B.C.  RISSEL  EE19
CPL        T.J.  ROBARTS  EE20 CPL        A.T.  ROBERTS **  EE21
CAPT (later COL)      F.A.  ROBERTS MG, OAM **  EE22 WO2      M.T.  ROBERTS **  FF1
WO2       R.   ROBERTS  FF2 WO2       A.J. ROBERTSON #  FF3
MAJ    D.G.  ROBERTSON **  FF4 WO1       I.   ROBERTSON**  FF5
WO2 W.A. ROBERTSON**  FF6 WO2      A.    ROBINSON, DCM x **  I/A2/FF7
WO2      R.E.  ROBINSON, MID **  FF8 WO2      M.G. RODGER **  I/D1/FF9
CPL        I.W.  ROE **   FF10 WO2      W.B.  ROGERS, DCM **x  I/M2/FF11
CAPT      P.J.  ROLLINSON  FF12 WO2       D. ROLPH **  FF13
CPL     J.T.  RONALDSON  FF14 WO2      R.V.  RONEY  FF15
SGT        R.E.  ROONEY, BEM ** x  I/H5/FF16 WOI       S.D. ROSENBERG**  FF17
CAPT      D.    ROTHWELL, MID **  FF18 SGT      W.F.  ROUGHAN **  FF19
SGT (later WO2)    J.W.  ROUGHLEY,MID** x  I/E3/FF20 CAPT    D.J.F.  ROWE, MID  FF21
WO2 (later WO1)     K.J. ROWE **  FF22 CPL       W.G.  ROWE  FF23
WO2      J.D.  ROY**  GG1 WO2      K.J.  RUDD **  GG2
WO2      B.R. RULE**  GG3 CAPT       C.L. RULE  GG4
WO2      B.J.  RUST  GG5 WO2 R.B.D.  RUTHERFORD, MM **  GG6
WO2    B.M.N.  RYAN  GG7 CPL    P.J.  RYAN **  GG8
SGT        R.R.  RYAN  GG9

WO2  B.L.  SAXBY,OAM**  GG12 CAPT      J.    SCALES  GG13
WO2      G.    SCALLY **  GG14 SGT       D.W. SCHEELE, DCM x  **  I/G2/GG15
WO2      E..M.  SCHMIDT **  GG16 WO2      L.G.  SCHMIDT **  GG17
CPL        A.    SCHNEIDER  GG18 CPL        G.M.  SCHRAVEN  GG19
CPL       P.C. SCHULTE **
 GG20 WO2      J.W.M.  SCORSE, MID **  GG211
WO2      G.J.  SCOTT **  GG22 WO2      R.A. SCOTT #  GG23
WO2  L.B.C. SCOWCROFT **  GG24 WO2      A.J.  SEAL x **  I/H6/HH1
WO2      R.    SEILER  #  HH2 WOI       J.N. SELMES **  HH3
WO2      A.S.  SELVA **  HH4 COL        F.P.  SERONG, DSO x **  I/M3/HH5
CPL        R.P.  SHANAHAN  HH6 WO2      M.F.  SHARPLES  HH7
WO2      M.J.  SHAVE  HH8 WO2      J.I.  SHAW **  HH9
2LT       L.   SHEARWIN  HH10 WO2      J.N. SHEEHAN  HH11
WO2       A.T. SHELTON **  HH12 WO2      W.E.  SHENNAN  HH13
WO2   A.J.  SHEPHERD**  HH14 CAPT      W.    SHEPPARD **  HH15
CAPT      P.J.  SHILSTON, MC ** x  I/N1/HH16 CAPT       H.D. SHORTT  HH17
WO2    N.R.  SHOVELLER **  HH18 WO2       R.F. SIGG x **  I/B4/HH19
WO2      A.P.  SIGGERS #  HH20 WO2       B.S. SILK **  HH21
LTCOL      W.M.   SILVERSTONE  HH22 WO2      R.S.  SIMPSON, VC, DCM ** x  I/L3/II1
CPL       G.O.  SIMS  II2 WO2       M.   SINCLAIR **  II3
CPL    A.    SKOWRONSKI **  II6 WO2      S.J.  SMEATON **  II7
WO2      B.C. SMITH **  II8 WO2       G.T. SMITH **  II9
CAPT      J.J.  SMITH, MC & BAR x **  I/J3/II10 WO2      K.O.  SMITH **  II11
WO2      L.M. SMITH x **  I/G9/II12 WO2      N.    SMITH **  II13
WO2      R.D.  SMITH **  II14 CAPT      R.L.  SMITH  II15
CAPT     T.J.  SMITH **   WO2      T.R. SMITH  **  II16
WO2      T.W. SMITH   II17 WO2    W.C.P.  SMITH  II18
WO2      C.J.  SMITHERS **  II19 CPL        R.P.  SMITHSON  II20
WO2      E.W.  SNELLING  II21 WO2      G.B.  SNOOK,MID   JJ1
CPL        R.S.  SPARKE  JJ2 WO2    S.    SPEECHLEY **  JJ3
WO2      V.M.  STACK **  JJ6 WOI       D.M. STAHL **  JJ7
WOI       L.J. STANFORD  JJ8 WOI       A.G. STANLEY, MBE, MM **  JJ9
WOI      J.B.  STAUNTON-LATIMER **  JJ10 WOI      L.    STEELE **  JJ11
WO2      J.H.  STEEN **  JJ12 WOI       M.R. STEIGER **  JJ13
WO2      J.   STEPHENS  x **  I/F4/JJ14 CPL        L.  STEPHENS **  JJ15
WO2      O. S.   STEVENSON,OAM **  JJ16 WOI       R.P.J STEVENSON, MBE **  JJ17
WO2      J.C. STEWART **  JJ18 LTCOL    J.D.  STEWART **  JJ19
WO2      J.R.  STEWART, MID **  JJ20 WO2      R.    STEWART  JJ21
CAPT      K.E.  STICPEWICH **  JJ22 WO2      K.D.  STOCKLEY **  JJ23
WO2      N.    STOCKWELL **  JJ24 WO2      K.W.  STOKER, DCM ** x  JJ25I/K2/
WO2      B.   STOKES  JJ26 WO2      J.M. STONE, MID (Post.) #  JJ27
CPL        W.J.  STONEHOUSE **  KK1 WO2      L.J.  STORAN  KK2
CPL        V.P.  STUART  KK5 CPL        S.C.  STURGESS  KK6
WO2      H.J.W.  STUTTARD **  KK7 WO2      B.J.  SULLIVAN **  KK8
WO2      G.J. SUTHERLAND **  KK11 MAJ       C.A. SWAIN **  KK12
WO2      J.C.  SWANSON **
 KK13 WO2      R.J.  SWANTON #  KK14
WO2      F. SYKES **  KK15 WOI       J.D. SZAJNER **  KK16

CPL        M.N  TALBOT  KK17 CPL        D.S.  TARGETT  KK18
WO2      D.    TAYLOR **  KK19 WO2      D.C.  TAYLOR **  KK20
WO2      E.A.  TAYLOR **  KK21 WO2      R.P.   TAYLOR x **  I/A5/KK22
CAPT      I.C.  TEAGUE **  KK23 WO2      P.W.  TEAGUE  KK24
CAPT    W.D.  TEAR, MBE  KK25 WO2      P.    TEMPLE **  LL1
CAPT      A.R.  THOMAS  LL4 MAJ       W.D. THOMAS **  LL5
WOI       T.R. THOMPSON  LL8 WOI       W.T. C.THOMPSON,MID x **  I/N8/LL9
WO2   I.A.  THOMSON ** x  I/H4/LL10 WO2      J..L.  THORBURN **  LL11
CPL        R.L.  THORNTON   LL12 WO2      A.J.  THORP  LL13
WO2    W.E.S.  TILLETT **  LL14 CAPT      P.L. TILLEY, LVO**  LL15
WO2      R.   TILLEY **  LL16 MAJ       B.R. TINKLER, MBE  LL17
WOI       N.E. TINNING **  LL18 WO2      A.C.  TOGHILL **  LL19
WO2    B.    TOLLEY, OAM, DCM x **  I/I3/LL20 WO2      W.A.  TOMLINSON x **  I/D7/LL21
CPL        D.S.  TOWNSEND, BEM x**  I/K3/LL22 CAPT     W.D.W. TRESISE  LL23
LTCOL  M.T.  TRIPP, OBE **  LL24 WO2      K.J.  TROY #   LL25
WO2      D.R. TRUELOVE **  MM1 CPL        P.J.  TUCKER  MM2
WO2      D.J.  TUDMAN **  MM3 WO2      C.C.  TURNER  MM4
WO2      J.R.  TURNER **  MM5

WO2      C.R.  UPTON **  MM6 WO2      A.G.  URQUHART  MM7

WO2    T.P.J.  VAN BAKEL x I/E5/MM8 WO2      M.    VANDYKE  MM9
WO2      R.F. VERCOE **  MM10 WO2  P.J.J.A.    VERKUYLEN**  MM11
WOI      J.    VEZGOFF  MM12 WO2      J.R.  VINCENT  MM13
WO2      K.T. VINCENT  MM14 WO2      D.B.  VOGELE **

CAPT      B.    WADE **   MM16 WO2      E.R.  WADE **  MM17
WO2      R.B.  WADE *  MM18 CPL        A.J.  WALKER  MM19
CPL        M.B.  WALKER  MM20 WOI       I.C. WALL **  MM21
WO2 K.J. WALLACE,MID **  MM22 WO2      D.J.  WALLNER **  MM23
WO2     B.    WALSH, MM#  MM24 WO2      N.G.  WALTERS **  MM25
WOI       B.T. WATERS, MBE**  NN1 WO2      D.E.   WATTS **  NN2
WO2      V.A. WATTS **  NN3 WOI       G.E. WEASE **  NN4
MAJ       R.P. WEBB **  NN5 WO2      R.L.  WEIR, BEM **  NN6
CAPT      I.M.  WELLS **  NN7 CAPT      M.  WELLS  NN8
WO2      S.R.  WELLS  **  NN9 WO2      A.A.  WELSH **  NN10
WO2    A.R.H.  WEST  NN11 WO2      L.A. WEST **  NN12
WO2      G.L. WHEAT  NN13 WO2      K.A.  WHEATLEY,  VC (Post.) #  NN14 
WO2      A.J.  WHIPP  NN15 WO2      A.G.  WHITE, DCM x **  I/A4/NN16
WO2      D.S.  WHITE  NN17 CAPT    J.E.D.  WHITE, MID  NN18
WO2      J.R.  WHITE x **  I/G5/NN19 WO2      P.    WHITE, DCM x**  I/G4/NN20
WOI    C.J.  WHITESIDE **  NN21 CPL        T.J.  WHITWAM **  NN22
CAPT      J.E.  WIELAND  NN23 WO2      J.W.  WIGG **  OO1
WO2      P.D.  WILKES x **  I/B3//OO2 CAPT    M.T.R.  WILKINSON **  OO3
WO2      A.S. WILLIAMS  OO4 CPL        B.R.  WILLIAMS **  OO5
WO2      L.A.  WILLIAMS **  OO6 CPL later WO2        B.  WILLIS  **  OO7
CAPT      D.J. WILMORE **  OO8 WO2      B.G.  WILSON **  OO9
WO2      D.C.  WILSON  OO10 CPL      G.L.  WILSON  OO11
MAJ       N.J. WILSON **  OO12 WO2      K.O. WINBANK ** x  I/M5/OO13
CPL       M.  WINTER  OO14 WO2     G.V.R.  WINZAR  OO15
CAPT  I.E.K.  WISCHUSEN x  I/F5/OO16 WOI       D.E. WISE **  OO17
WO2   G.R.  WITCHARD**  OO18 WO2      R.H.  WITTEN **  OO19
WO2      P.A.  WOODEN  OO20 WO2      A.J.  WOODFORD  OO21
CPL       G.W. WOODRUFF **  OO22 WO2      J.   WOODS OAM, DCM **  OO23
LTCOL W.A.  WOOLSTON **  PP1 SGT        D.H.  WRIGHT **  PP2
WO2      H.J.  WRIGHT **  PP3

WO2      D.G.  YENCH **  PP4 WO2      M.E. YOUL **  PP5
WO2      A.A. YOUNG **  PP6 WO2      B.L.  YOUNG **  PP7
CAPT      P.R.  YOUNG  PP8 CPL        T.C.  YOUNG **  PP9

CPL      J.M. ZEGENHAGEN**  PP10 SGT       H.H. ZINKE **  PP11



New Zealanders Who Served with AATTV

WOI        J.A.  BAIRD   **  PP12 

CPL        A.T.  CAMERON  PP13  WO2      I.C. CASKEY **  PP14
WO2     J.J.  COOTES  **  PP15

WO2      G.J.  HALL **  PP16

SGT       L.    KARAKA **


WOI       B.   ROE **  PP19

WOI       T. SAMUELS **  PP20  CAPT      J.R. SHERRIFF  PP21

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