Tributes and Photo Album
Album 4 - Group Photos


Picture supplied by John Nolan - AATTV Long Hai Trg Bn October 1972

Standing left to right: Greg Wilson, Graeme Haupt, John Nolan, Ken Dunn, Roy Chamberlain, George Dolin

Seated Left to right:  Alan Cleasby, Ross Harvey, Barry Willis, Jock Clarkson, John Grelk

Missing - Out on Operations:  Bruno Carbone and Ross Margetts


Photo supplied by Vic Kirsch AATTV

Photograph of Team members at 'Australia House' Danang taken in 1971.
Re'Jack' J. Jewell, LtCol James D. Stewart, two unidentified Americans (in khaki), WO2 Jim White (face behind American), CCaptain Michael McDermott, Captain Kerry Gallagher and Captain Kel Ryan (HQ AFV).
Front Row kneeling from left: Cpl Unknown, WO2 Brian 'Grub' F. McGrath, WO2 Vitali Kirsch (HQ AATTV), WO2 Max J. Poole and WO1 Lindsay Allen.


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